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Web Design for Houston and The Woodlands

Nurick + Associates is your full service web design and on-line marketing agency. Located in the Woodlands, Texas, we bring unrivaled expertise and experience to bear for your company or organization.

Our approach is integrated. We leverage our ability to create great websites with social media campaigns, using our presence to amplify yours. We’ve had tremendous success helping new businesses generate buzz and quickly gain mindshare.

Our websites deliver results. Modern, mobile-enabled, and rapidly developed, they put your message in front of your target audience. We have over 20 years experience building websites, and have worked with clients like Budweiser, Blockbuster Video, and the State of Texas.

Our social media expertise is unrivaled. We design campaigns that engage your audience with your brand, and keep your message in their minds. We are active users of social media; our HTownChowDown brand has won awards for blogging, Instagram and Twitter, and has the largest reach of any independent voice in the Houston food community. We created and moderate a food discussion group that boasts over 10,000 Woodlands-area foodies and influencers.


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