Four Obsolete Web Design Trends – 2014 Edition

Web design is a field that constantly reinvents itself with new technologies and techniques, sometimes seemingly every month. While not every new technology is a step forward, there are many newer techniques that improve the browsing experience for your audience.

There are also old, tired techniques that don’t make sense in 2014. If someone suggests that these are good options today, go find yourself a new design firm.


A bad website designFlash was a very useful tool for creating moving, interactive websites… back in 1999. But in our modern era, it’s a disaster – slow, rife with security vulnerabilities, and unsupported by many modern devices.

We still see websites with Flash used to make slideshows and interactive menus, and there’s no bigger sign that a website (and the business it represents) is behind the times.

Automatic Mobile Site Generators

Auto Site GenerationAutomatic mobile site generators are a seemingly quick fix to the problem of having an older website that doesn’t look good on mobile devices. But like many quick fixes, it’s not a good one.

The biggest problem is that the generated site is at a different web address that’s not yours. Not only does this look unprofessional, but bookmarks, shares, and other references to this page don’t reference your domain… and thus don’t reference your business. You also have little to no control over how the content is presented on these bandaid sites.

With mobile traffic representing over 50% of visits for business-to-consumer websites, doesn’t the bulk of your audience deserve better?

Mobile Sites

While support for mobile devices is critical in modern website, having a second, mobile-specific site is a technique whose time has passed. Back in 2010 this was a viable option; mobile devices that could browse the web all had similar screen sizes, and a mobile site was far better than making the viewer squint at tiny text.

But in 2014 we have all sorts of mobile devices, with screens ranging from 3.5″ to 10″. Looking great on all of these devices is important, and responsive web design is the modern technique that accomplishes this.

Clip Art

chef-mdWhile clip art is fine for your child’s school presentation, it’s a direct path to a poor impression for your business. High quality original photography that shows your product or service, and supports your brand is a key part of creating a professional, trustworthy impression.

Good quality stock photography is a step in the right direction, but wouldn’t you rather show off what you’re offering to your customers?




This certainly isn’t an exhaustive list. If there are any obsolete web design trends that you think are worth mentioning, please share them in the comments

And if you’re ready for a modern, responsive website that reflects well on your brand and your organization, we can help.


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