About Albert Nurick

Albert Nurick is the CEO of Nurick + Associates

Albert began focusing on web technology in 1994. He developed some of the original websites for Texas Instruments, Budweiser, Blockbuster Video, and the Texas Tomorrow Fund. Albert has helped numerous restaurants, businesses, and nonprofits design and implement their online strategy. 

He has worked as a product designer for Dell, CompuAdd, and Westlake Data Corporation. He advised EDS, Digital Equipment Corporation, and Zenith Data Systems on their direct-to-customer marketing strategies.

Albert developed the first on-line personal computer catalog on the Prodigy information system for Zenith Data Systems. This predated the world-wide web by several years.

Albert was awarded two United States patents (view here and here) for his work on the original multimedia personal computer.

Albert was one of the original six members of the Dell Computer Corporation R&D staff, where he designed software and firmware for Dell’s award-winning line of personal computers.

Albert designed numerous award-winning software products, including PathMinderSafetyNet, the Integrator, and MediaRack, the first skeuomorphic multimedia computer control system. 

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